Thank you for your patience with all the upcoming changes to our season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Overall Goals

1. Maintain social distance between customers and vendors

2. Minimize time spent at the market by customers to lessen any potential exposure

3. Minimize customer interactions with products and vendors

Covid-19 Safety Protocol


- Personal Protective Equipment:  All customers  and vendors are required to wear masks. If you do not have a mask you will be asked to purchase one before entering the market. 

- Customer Limits: Designated entrances and exits are posted at each end. Volunteers will count customers upon entering and exiting to assure we stay at a safe occupancy. Families are encouraged to send only 1-2 family members to the market. 


- Hand Washing/Sanitizing: Hand washing stations will be located near each end of the market and hand sanitizer will be available at all vendor booths.  

- Market Layout: The market will be laid out with a ten foot space between each vendor, and tents will be staggered to accommodate safe distance guidelines. Please do NOT enter between tents.

- Social Distancing: Customers are asked to maintain 6 ft. social distancing at all times. Only one customer per vendor booth at a time. And please exit the market after completing your purchases.

- No Eating or Drinking: Please enjoy your tasty market treats once leaving market! No eating or drinking within the market.  

- No Added Events or Programs: At this time all live music, Shop with the Chef, Market Sprouts, and other programs are suspended. 

Farmers Market Pre-Order

We are now offering a market pre-order option. If interested, you must contact each vendor, place your order, and pay separately with each vendor. Your orders can then be picked up at the tent at the west end of the market (end closest to the Church) from 9:00-10:00. 


A list of vendors participating and their contact information

can be found not the Market Pre-Order tab.

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